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Neumann VMS 66 lathe
SX74 cutter head, VG66 electronics (modified)
Zumaudio cutting computer
Shaker Desk - A custom made A/B Path Console
ATC SCM 100A Monitors
Prism/Maselec MEQ equalizer
Prism/Maselec MLA compressor
Maselec MDS-2 high frequency limiter
Maselec MLA3 multiband compressor
Quad-Eight 312s equalizers (modified)
Sequoia and Samplitude DAW
Prism AD2 Analog to Digital Converter
Prism DA2 Digital to Analog Converter
Lavry MAD824 Analog to Digital Converter
Lavry MDA824 Digital to Analog Converter (3)
Studer A80VU MKI preview tape machine - 1/4"
Studer A80VU MKII preview tape machine - 1/2"
Studer A80VU MKII preview tape machine - 1"
Studer A80RC MKII tape machine - 1/4 & 1/2" heads

Sony Sonoma DSD workstation available by request.

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